19 Februar 2014

Getting started

Yesterday was the last test at college for this term. I actually thought I messed it up but today we got all our grades and turns out everything is fine. Have to say I´m quite relieved, especially as the new term sounds rather promising!

Anyway, the end of term means I´ll have more time to focus on my blog. At this time, no one is probably reading it but hey, it´s the thought that counts ;-)

I´m going to work on the design because I´m not completely happy with the design right now. My inner graphic artist is unimpressed. Secondly I´ll try my luck with photography to add some visual elements to my blog and something to beautify my blog posts and make them more interesting. Next on my list is making myself more familiar with blogging in general. I still need to learn a lot about it, especially technical things and stuff.

I´m also thinking about where this blog is heading. It´s probably gonna be me more of a lifestyle kinda blog with posts about beauty, fashion, food etc.... In between there will be my thoughts on certain topics that seem important to me.

So there will be some changes and improvement in the next few weeks and hopefully there will be some readers by then. Btw, if you are actually already reading my blog, or just taking a look, please leave a comment. That would be really encouraging! :-)

Lots of love xxx


18 Februar 2014

Being brave

So this is my first post. I`m completely new to the world of blogging, having so far spent my life merely reading them. Deep down I`ve always wanted to set up a blog of my own, but I never had the guts to actually do it. Due to a particularly enthusiastic mood on New Years Eve I made a resolution. This year, I´m going to dare to try new things, maybe even do something that scares me. I´ve been putting off a lot of things because I was either too lazy, too shy, etc....But not 2014!

Writing a blog seems like a logical thing for me to do. I love writing, especially creative writing. I can literally feel the energy flowing through my fingers as I write this. There are also soooo many passions of mine that I want to share with other people. But so far, my crippling fear of making an idiot of myself stopped me. I had (and still have) so many doubts in my head. Would anyone read my blog? What if I make embarrassing spelling mistakes? Am I interesting enough?

But I learned something. When in doubt I always remember the book title from Dale Carnegie "Stop worrying and start living". That title alone is powerful because it sums it up pretty nicely. So I stopped worrying (or at least stopped enough to do this) and set up a blog.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes because English isn`t my mother language. I could write in German, but I love the English language so much and practictly "live" in a British universe so it would make more sense to write in English rather than German. Also this is a good way to practice my writing skills.

Anyway, that was my first post. Pheeewww! I´ve done it.