18 Februar 2014

Being brave

So this is my first post. I`m completely new to the world of blogging, having so far spent my life merely reading them. Deep down I`ve always wanted to set up a blog of my own, but I never had the guts to actually do it. Due to a particularly enthusiastic mood on New Years Eve I made a resolution. This year, I´m going to dare to try new things, maybe even do something that scares me. I´ve been putting off a lot of things because I was either too lazy, too shy, etc....But not 2014!

Writing a blog seems like a logical thing for me to do. I love writing, especially creative writing. I can literally feel the energy flowing through my fingers as I write this. There are also soooo many passions of mine that I want to share with other people. But so far, my crippling fear of making an idiot of myself stopped me. I had (and still have) so many doubts in my head. Would anyone read my blog? What if I make embarrassing spelling mistakes? Am I interesting enough?

But I learned something. When in doubt I always remember the book title from Dale Carnegie "Stop worrying and start living". That title alone is powerful because it sums it up pretty nicely. So I stopped worrying (or at least stopped enough to do this) and set up a blog.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes because English isn`t my mother language. I could write in German, but I love the English language so much and practictly "live" in a British universe so it would make more sense to write in English rather than German. Also this is a good way to practice my writing skills.

Anyway, that was my first post. Pheeewww! I´ve done it.

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